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Still worried about "Crashing & Burning?"

We've all heard the phrase before and for the majority of us, it simply refers to a spectacular failure of some sort.  It could describe a sales pitch that landed flat or a misguided attempt to meet a young lady at a local bar.  In either case, it's something all of us will likely experience at least once in our lifetime.  But what happens when it's no longer just a phrase and becomes an actual description of a real life event and what if anything can be learned from it?

There are only a handful of individuals who've experienced such an event and lived to tell the tale.  Fortunately, there is one such man and he's had more than one experience during his lifetime, which might make him a bit of an expert at this point.  He's beaten the odds both times, shows no signs of slowing down and amazingly can look back and laugh at both of these nearly life ending events.  And that's where today's lesson starts...

Richard Hammond one of the three presenters on "The Grand Tour" and formerly of "Top Gear" has experienced two extremely dangerous & life threatening single car crashes in the last 10 years.  His most recent occurred back in June while filming for the upcoming season of The Grand Tour.  In short, while doing an uphill climb in the Rimac Concept One, an all electric 1200hp supercar, he exceeded the limits of the car's grip and what followed was a rather dramatic accident.  Click here to see Richard discuss the accident in detail with the founder of Rimac.

In his own words:

I was aware that I was up high, and that inevitably the car was going to come down...and yeah of course there was a moment of dread - ‘Oh God, I’m going to die’.

Now to put this into perspective, remember this is his second major accident.  His first occurred in a jet-powered car at a speed of nearly 290 mph.  That particular accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury from which he would take several months to recover from.  Recover he did and within 4 months not only was he back at work, but he was joking with Jeremy and James, his co-stars, about the crash and his mental state following the crash.  Most people would have hung it up at that point and rightfully so, who would dare call you weak or look down on you after surviving a near fatal accident.  However, Richard didn't hang up his driving shoes; he literally got right back behind the wheel and went to "faffing about" as usual.

Hopefully, you can see where I'm going with this.  Rarely are you going to experience a failure so dramatic that you can't recover from it.  Will you miss sales goals?  Yes.  Will your cleverly crafted social media campaign fall into a digital black hole?  Yes.  Is it possible that your first business will lose so much money that you have shut it down and start over?  Hell yeah.  But each of these is a recoverable experience, your ego will take a hit, your pride will take a hit and if you're an aspiring small business owner your bank account will definitely take a hit.  None of these is fatal or permanent.

So the next time a client tells you "no" or your Youtube video registers a goose egg, just remember even the most highly trained and experienced will "crash and burn" from time to time - the only difference between them and you, they put the fire out and get right back to work.  Will you do the same?