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Carpool Recruiting

Finding the right talent is absolutely key to the long term success, growth & significance of any company.  As the needs of the workplace continue to shift at speeds far faster than any previous generation, the methods for recruiting need to be drastically updated.  One of my most favorite brands, Mercedes Benz, is not only at the forefront of automotive tech - they also appear to be at the forefront of identifying and recruiting the talent that will take them into the next couple of decades.

In this video you'll see Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board for Diamler, speaking with a potential employee as they drive through Stuttgart in a new Mercedes S Class.  Talk about first impressions.





New Year, New Name - Same focus

Welcome to 2018 and you're going to notice some changes this year.  Let's start with the new name "Moveo Moti Motum" which is a Latin phrase meaning - to move, arouse, affect or influence.  I came across this phrase back in 2014 while looking into names for what would eventually become Preeminent Business Journal.  The phrase caught my attention because it's native pronunciation has a wonderful flow about it.  

Add in what means and I hope you can see why it's a great choice of wording to build on going forward.  So that explains the new name, I'll also being adding some video this year, it's taken me some time to figure of what I wanted to do and more importantly WHY I wanted to do it; but I've flushed all of that out and I'm ready to dive in.

So welcome to the new and slightly improved blog.


The Girl with Curves - Tanesha Awasthi

Earlier this year, Sports Illustrated removed a major barrier when they featured Ashley Graham on the cover of their annual Swimsuit Issue.  The reason that this was so major is because Ashley Graham is considered in the fashion world to be "plus sized".  She's gone on to grace the cover of many other magazines this year as well.  However, the celebration of women in various sizes didn't begin this year.  There are a number of women who've been working to open the eyes of designers, retailers and the public at large for a few years now - and of the more successful at it is Tanesha Awasthi.  Fashion Blogger, model, designer and role model - she's been making the case for several years and her voice is highly respected.  We spoke with her about her clothing line, how she built her loyal fan base and advice for anyone considering following in her shoes.  You can read the entire interview here.